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Clinical Exercise Taught By A Physiotherapist

Clinical Exercise Classes

Clinical Exercise Classes focussed on creating dynamic stabilisation, reconditioning the body from the central core to prevent the recurrence of and treat a range of postural, musculo-skeletal, and neurological conditions.

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Strengthens, realigns and tones muscles

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Corrects muscle imbalance

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Improves posture, flexibility and balance

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Modification of exercises to accommodate and rehabilitate injuries and pathology

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Increases stamina, endurance and control

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Strengthens pelvic floor muscles

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Post pregnancy pelvic stabilisation

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Sport specific tailoring

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Individual Attention

A maximum of 10 clients per class allows individual attention, ensuring all exercises are adapted to individual needs and capabilities. Hands on teaching style ensures correct technique. Handbooks encourage correct practice of taught Beginner level exercises at home, with “Homework”.

Sarah Venables is a Registered Physiotherapist has been trained and fully certified by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (London and Australia) and has attended numerous Pilates and Clinical Exercise courses for Health Professionals. She has been teaching Clinical Exercise for over 19 years.

our benefits

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Registered Physiotherapist

All Classes are taught by a Registered Physiotherapist with an experienced background in Clinical Pilates and Exercise

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Initial Consultation

Ensures classes allow for individual adaptation of exercises in a class setting

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Annual Review

Once you start attending classes, you will be offered a complimentary annual review appointment

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Health Fund Rebates

Please see Health Funds page for details on claiming class benefits through your Health Fund

Why Choose Pilates With Sarah?

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Taught by a Registered Physiotherapist

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Health Fund Rebates for Physiotherapy Classes apply

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Maximum of 10 Participants in a Class

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"Hands on" Clinical Based Teaching Style

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Beginner and Intermediate Levels

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Handbooks Accompanying Beginner Courses