Pilates with Sarah
    Clinical Exercise Classes taught by a Physiotherapist in Cleveland, QLD

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Clinical Exercise Classes

 Clinical Exercise Classes at Pilates with Sarah focus on correct movement quality not quantity, core stabilisation through the abdominal area and shoulder girdle, and postural correction.

Clinical Exercise taught by a Physiotherapist is now well recognised by the medical field for its benefits in prevention and rehabilitation of back injuries, muscle imbalance and stress incontinence

Sarah, a Registered Physiotherapist with a background in Clinical Pilates,  teaches  Clinical Exercise classes incorporating strengthening and stabilising exercises.   All clients must attend an initial consultation before joining a class ($85) and an annual review (no cost).  These appointments ensure that classes allow for adaptation and tailoring of traditional exercises to accommodate and help rehabilitate those with injuries and pathology. A background in Physiotherapy is an essential base for teaching Clinical Exercise.

A maximum of 10 clients per class allows individual attention, ensuring all exercises are adapted to individual needs and capabilities. Hands on teaching style ensures correct technique. Handbooks encourage correct practice of taught Beginner level exercises at home, with "Homework".

Sarah Venables is a Registered Physiotherapist has been trained and fully certified by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (London and Australia) and has attended numerous Pilates and Clinical Exercise courses for Health Professionals. She has been teaching Clinical Exercise for over 19 years.